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Fairma Ethical Design is a young polish brand, founded in April 2016 by Magdalena Kotarba-Niezgoda: “I created Fairma due to my own need to live and buy responsibly. I believe that shoes and clothing today are more than just fashion. It is primarily responsibility for the world, where making ethical choices we can contribute to reduced exploitation of humans, animal suffering and environmental degradation.”

As many other vegans Magda missed fashionable and resistant shoes, which could last more than just one season. She dreamed about vegan heels, shoes, boots produced in places where workers’ rights were respected. Once she had a thought that if these types of stores exist already in Germany or Great Britain, then there should be one in Poland too. This is what lead her to open the first stationary ethical shop located in Cracow.

Since Fairma was founded I have been trying to focus on local production, which is associated with a smaller carbon footprint (eliminating long-distance transport) and slightly lower production costs.” – said Magda. Unfortunately, it is currently very difficult to find shoes on the Polish market, which do not contain components of animal origin and are made in Poland. So, the only alternative was to start production under its own brand. And this is how it started. In December 2017 Fairma introduced to its offer shoes and wallets made of the highest quality materials – Spanish, ecological microfibre with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which is free of harmful substances, antiallergic, breathable, but also waterproof and very durable!

We are proud to say that our products received PETA Approved Vegan certificate guaranteeing lack of components of animal origin and that we donate 10% of profits from sales to charity.” – added Magda. They are successfully proving that leather is not the best choice of today’s shoe industry and new technology keeps up with changing expectations.

We collaborate with a few, small factories in Poland that manufacture our shoes and accessories from microfiber, Piñatex and natural cork. At the same time, we are continually searching for new materials that would be even better for the environment to become #shoestolove that are going to last long.” – said Magda.

Fairma offers products which come from fair trade. It means that their products are not involved in sustaining poverty or economic slavery. All products are 100% vegan. Furthermore, large part of the products range is handmade and very often come from recycling / upcycling, which brings many benefits to our environment. Fairma offers great quality and unusual products, very often made in small certified family factories.

Fairma today it is a team of 3 people with passion and vision for a better world. They believe that their philosophy will affect the growth of consumer awareness. They work for important ideas and this is what gives meaning to their actions. Moreover, the belief that the change is possible and depends only on us gives energy to go on!

“We believe that our ethical choices make our better world!”



Magdalena Kotarba-Niezgoda

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